The OCCUPIED Amendment: Outlawing Corporate Cash Undermining our Elections and Democracy
Citizens United on Steroids?
Jan 19, 2012

Two years ago, when the Supreme Court ruled in Citizens United that corporations and the super wealthy have the right to spend unlimited and undisclosed amounts of money in our elections, legal scholars and public interest groups alike warned that all laws limiting money in politics would soon be under attack. Unfortunately, they were right.

The Republican National Committee is now arguing in court that Citizens United did not go far enough, and that our century-old ban on direct corporate giving to politicians is unconstitutional (read about it here). Sharing this warped view is none other than Republican frontrunner Mitt Romney, who despite appearing at multiple fundraisers for his Super PAC, recently said in a debate, "We would all like to have Super PACs disappear, to tell you the truth. Wouldn't it be nice to have people give what they would like to campaigns?"

Apparently, the RNC and Mitt Romney want a free-for-all elections system in which corporations and the super wealthy can buy even more influence. Most Americans agree there is already too much money in politics. Ask your friends to join you in support of the OCCUPIED Amendment by recommending our petition onFacebook and Twitter now.

The Outlawing Corporate Cash Undermining the Public Interest in our Elections and Democracy (OCCUPIED) Amendment makes clear that corporations are not people but private entities banned from spending their profits on our elections. As thousands of Americans like you pledge their support for the OCCUPIED Amendment and its companion bill introduced by Senator Bernie Sanders in the United States Senate, the number of cosponsors in Congress has grown by the day. 

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If Mitt Romney has his way, our democracy will soon fall victim to "Citizens United on Steroids," and corporations and their CEOs will donate millions of dollars without restriction to the candidates that support their bottom lines. 

As we approach the two-year anniversary of Citizens United help me double support for the OCCUPIED Amendment by getting just a friend or two on Facebook and Twitter to sign our petition.

Stopping special interests from drowning out the will of the people is the defining struggle of our time. Amending the Constitution is hard work, and building a movement is the only way to do it. Together, we can get money out of politics and return our democracy to the people.

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This effort is about more than any single election. It is about protecting the integrity of our democratic form of government. I cannot thank you enough for taking a stand today.

Yours truly,

Rep. Ted Deutch

Democrat, Florida's 19th District