116 federal agencies sign to extend expiring telecom contracts – MeriTalk


A spokesperson for the General Services Administration (GSA) told MeriTalk today that more than 100 agencies have signed on to extend their current set of telecommunications contracts for an additional year, and of those, 48 have completed the process.

Earlier this year, the GSA decided to invoke continuity of service clauses for the expiration of corporate network and telecommunications contracts. This gave agencies an additional year to complete their transition to Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions (EIS) or find another solution to avoid service disruption.

The GSA has given agencies until September 30 to sign a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to extend their expiring network and telecommunications contracts while they transition to the EIS program.

“In early August, the GSA received and countersigned 25 MoUs, and we sent a list of these agencies to Networx, WITS, and EIS contractors to educate them and facilitate their interaction with these agencies,” the gatekeeper said. -talk to MeriTalk. “To date, we have a total of 48 memorandums of understanding signed. Next week we will share this updated list again with contractors for planning purposes. »

Of the 116 agencies with active services on expiring contracts, the GSA heard from all but five agencies regarding their intention to sign the MOU.

“We are redoubling our efforts to achieve these five and are sending periodic reminders to all agencies that have not yet returned their signed memorandums of understanding that they must do so by September 30,” the doorman said. -word.

The transition has been slow for many agencies. Laura Stanton, assistant category commissioner for the Office of Information Technology of the GSA’s Federal Acquisition Service, wrote in a blog post that as of June 30, agencies had assigned 94% of all scheduled task orders.

“We urge agencies to strive to complete 100% service disconnection by September 30 and assess their risk of not completing the transition by May 30, 2023. Those in need of more time for the transition must sign a memorandum of understanding to be allowed to use the continuity. period of service from June 1, 2023 to May 31, 2024,” she wrote.


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