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BestSelf Behavioral Health has been awarded two federal grants totaling $3.25 million that will enable it to strengthen opioid addiction treatment services and community mental health training in Western New York over the next five years, Rep. Brian Higgins’ office announced Friday.

“Mental health and addiction issues have only increased throughout the Covid-19 pandemic,” said Higgins, a Democrat from Buffalo. “This federal funding will help BestSelf expand its treatment services and provide vital community education so Western New Yorkers can better identify these challenges in loved ones and provide support that leads to healing.”

The larger of the two grants totals $2.625 million over five years, or $525,000 per year. This will serve to expand and improve access to medication treatments and services for people with opioid use disorders. The grant is expected to help reach 465 people over five years.

“We are very pleased to be able to offer a central resource in the form of a virtual hub that will provide immediate 24/7 access to medication treatment for people with opioid use disorder” , said BestSelf President and CEO Elizabeth Woike-Ganga. in a report.

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The second grant totals $625,000 over five years, providing $125,000 per year to support the BestSelf Community Mental Health First Aid Training Project. This program provides mental health first aid training in Erie and Niagara counties, hoping to train 4,740 people over five years.

BestSelf, Western New York’s largest community-based behavioral health organization, was formed in 2017 from Lake Shore Behavioral Health’s merger with Child & Adolescent Treatment Services, or CATS.

A third floor will be built on the former William E. Mosher Health Center to house BestSelf Behavioral Health’s new headquarters.

BestSelf derives about a quarter of its revenue from contributions and grants. In 2019, BestSelf recorded total revenue of approximately $61.8 million, including more than $45 million from program services and approximately $16.3 million from contributions and grants, according to the latest Form 990. nonprofit organization filed with the Internal Revenue Service.

Expenses that year totaled about $62.5 million, exceeding revenues by about $670,000.

The nonprofit plans to consolidate its administrative offices, staff and child advocacy center into a new headquarters at 899 Main St. in Buffalo once a $20 million renovation and expansion project dollars will be finished. The project developer, Uniland Development Co., won planning board approval on Monday to expand the former William E. Mosher Health Center by two floors and build a third floor.

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