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AMAC Exclusive by Sam Adolphsen

After the 2020 elections, dozens of states decided to limit the influence of so-called “Zuckerbucks” in their elections after Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg poured more than $350 million into the US election system in 2020 – almost all seeming to benefit the Democratic candidates. . But as AMAC Newsline reported late last month, where Republicans saw the potential for corruption, the White House saw inspiring possibilities to protect their power, giving birth to the “Bidenbucks.” Now, the full scope of the Biden administration’s plan to turn the federal government into a massive voting machine for Democratic candidates is in full swing.

Shortly after taking office, President Biden issued Executive Order 14019, officially titled “Promoting Access to the Vote.” While this seems like a worthy cause, the details quickly reveal an insidious plan to unleash an army of federal bureaucrats to influence the election under the guise of “raising voter turnout.” Worse still, this new federal undertaking will be coordinated in part by private organizations – the EO itself was designed by the socialist advocacy group Demos.

Some of the first waves of federal government efforts to influence the election are already underway and are truly shocking. For example, the Food Stamp Office at the Department of Agriculture recently sent guidance to state welfare agencies on how to “promote voting access through nutrition programs.” infantile”.

The Federal Highway Administration issued directives to the state Department of Transportation asking them to study traffic impacts on the election and specifically instructed them to “work on solutions to mitigate potential bottlenecks.” around the polling stations during the elections”. That might sound reasonable, until it’s understood that it’s not all traffic they want to alleviate, but only traffic in “geographic areas that need it, including densely populated communities, underserved and disadvantaged”.

The U.S. Office of Personnel Management has also ruled that federal employees can take paid leave on Election Day, to ensure this Democratic-majority group of voters can get to the polls, though many blue-collar workers Americans who generally vote Republicans cannot.

What Biden has made clear from these steps is that the federal government will pick and choose which voters will be the beneficiaries of these policies. Much like Zuckerbucks before him, it appears Bidenbucks’ advice and funding will be targeted at blue constituencies in a thinly veiled effort to secure the vote for one major political party – while actively ignoring turnout efforts for the other. .

Fortunately, some states are taking notice and trying to get ahead of this problem.

Louisiana, which was the first state to pass a Zuckerbucks ban ahead of the 2020 election only to be vetoed by Democratic Gov. John Bel Edwards, is trying to push back against Biden’s new maneuvers to influence the impartial administration of state elections. The Republican-controlled Legislature is currently considering HB 359, a bill that would require election officials to provide notice and allow state legislative committees to review and veto any new direction or federal funding for elections before implementation if not. explicitly required by law.

Other states may soon follow with measures to counter Bidenbucks after recently passing measures to ban Zuckerbucks. Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, for example, moved to ban private election financing through their Republican legislatures in recent weeks. However, Democratic Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers vetoed the bill for the second time in a state where more than $10 million in Zuckerbucks had a major impact on the election, while Democratic Governor of Pennsylvania’s Tom Wolf also vetoed a similar bill last year, though Pennsylvania was on the floor. -zero for unfair electoral influence of Zuckerbucks.

But even with some progress being made, these states and others may soon have to worry about rebranded and revamped versions of Zuckerbucks.

The Center for Tech and Civic Life (CTCL), the organization through which most of Zuckerbucks funds were funneled in 2020, just announced at a TED Talk that they will be handing out an all-new series of “grants to pump millions more into local elections this time around.

Through its new “American Alliance for Electoral Excellence,” the CTCL is poised to repeat the same basic plan it executed two years ago by donating millions for “helping improve of their technology and processes. Sure, the group’s founder said he just wanted to make sure ‘local election officials don’t have to go it alone anymore’ – but that claim rings rather hollow for millions of conservatives who have seen the same organization work consistently to benefit Democratic candidates in 2020.

The CTCL is also partnering with two California colleges and soliciting local election offices to work with them to become an “American Center for Electoral Excellence.” The deadline for an office to partner with them is May 6. This aggressive timeline is presumably aimed at ensuring they can impact the 2022 election, which is looking increasingly bleak for Democrats.

Of greater concern to election integrity advocates, it is unclear whether the Zuckerbucks bans already in place will prevent these new leftist grants from influencing the election. State attorneys general will likely have to weigh in on the legality of these new grants, and at the very least states should be on their toes to monitor where and for what purpose these new grants are being rolled out.

It remains to be seen whether Biden’s attempts to influence the election through the power of the federal government will hold up in court, as several conservative legal groups are already threatening lawsuits. But there is no doubt that the leftist CTCL’s new private election funding, along with the federal government’s massive encroachment on state and local election procedures, is meant to influence what happens in the 2022 election and in the future. -of the. States must stand up to this threat now, before it is too late.

Sam Adolphsen is the former chief operating officer of the Maine Department of Health and Human Services. He is currently director of policy at the Foundation for Government Accountability and lives in Maine.

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