Bourbon County Rural Water #4 and Fulton Receive Federal Grants


United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Kansas Director of Rural Development Christy Davis today announced that the USDA is investing $5,517,200 in loans and grants in eight community projects across the country. State.

The project details for today’s eight announcements are:

  • A $900,000 loan will help complete the rehabilitation of the existing water treatment plant for Rural Water District 4 in County of Bourbon. Previous funds for the project included an applicant contribution of $488,000 from the Rural Water District and a loan of $2,772,000 from Rural Development in 2020.
  • A Loan of $312,000 and one Grant of $650,000 will make improvements to the water distribution system in the city of Fulton. Improvements will include replacement of the original water distribution system, meter assemblies, valves and hydrants. The city received a $15,000 grant in August 2019, from Rural Development through the Special Assessment Assistance Grant for Rural Communities and Households to complete a preliminary engineering report.
  • A $90,000 grant will help Tabor College establish the Central Kansas Entrepreneurship Center (CKEC). The center will provide small business support including marketing, pitch development, operations and management, finance and accounting and will be located at the Tabor campus in Hillsboro. It is expected that 46 full-time jobs will be created.
  • A $50,000 grant will participate in the purchase of a fire truck on behalf of the Almena Rural Fire Service. New brush fire truck will provide fire protection Norton County and, if necessary, in surrounding counties and southern Nebraska.
  • A Grant of $47,200 will contribute to the purchase of a fully equipped vehicle and other equipment for the City of neodesha law enforcement department. Funds from this project will provide rural residents with new and improved public safety services.
  • A $29,000 grant will be used to prepare a technical evaluation for the City of blue moundwater system. The city needs an assessment of its water facility and distribution system to determine what improvements are needed to mitigate pipe breaks. With this assessment, the city will be able to plan future improvements to the water system.
  • A Loan of $1,640,000 and one Grant of $995,000 will help complete improvements to the city of Hiawatasewage collection system. This project will improve the system’s ability to treat wastewater and make necessary upgrades to the north lift station.
  • A Loan of $143,000 and one Grant of $661,000 will help complete the first phase of improvements to the city of Vermilionwater system. The city had already received $1,279,000 in grants and a loan of $272,000 for the project.


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