Cicero Awaiting Federal Grants to Replace Old Water Lines – Town of Cicero, IL


City President Larry Dominick and the City of Cicero Board of Trustees received a report Tuesday, August 9, 2022 from Paul Rosenfeld, who is working to bring federal grant money to the community regarding the effort to replace old water pipes.

Rosenfeld reported to the board that $2 million is included in the US Water and Power Appropriations Bill. It has now survived in the US Senate version. Once the law is signed, Cicero can expect to receive the money later this year.

The funds will be used to replace the old water mains with new, more modern iron and copper water mains.

Rosenfeld said the federal government passed a $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill earlier this year, which included $48 billion to be spent over the next five years on water infrastructure upgrades. and improving municipalities across the country and that Cicero should receive additional financial support. .

Cicero's water tower

Upgrading the city’s water system was a top priority for funding, Rosenfeld said.

“The costs of replacing old water pipes are overwhelming, but replacing them is important. We do this every year until they’re all replaced,” said city chairman Larry Dominick.

“Every community faces the same challenge when it comes to water lines, and we want to ensure that our citizens receive their share of federal funding to help make this transition to new water lines throughout the community.

Rosenfeld credited Congressman Jesus “Chuy” Garcia with lobbying for federal grant funds for Cicero.


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