Clean Air in Buildings Challenge: Federal Agencies Team Up for Best Practices Guide | 2022-03-18


Washington — In an effort to further reduce the transmission of COVID-19, the Biden administration is calling on building owners and operators — and all organizations — to assess their indoor air quality and improve ventilation and filtration .

A White House fact sheet released March 17 outlines the Clean Air in Buildings Challenge. To help, the Environmental Protection Agency — in conjunction with the Department of Energy, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and other agencies — released a best practices guide.

The best practices and recommendations fall into four categories:

  • Create a clean indoor air action plan that involves assessing air quality; inspection and maintenance of heating, ventilation and air conditioning units; and evaluate potential upgrades and improvements.
  • Maximize fresh air ventilation by letting in and circulating clean outside air.
  • Improve air filtration and cleaning by using the central HVAC system and room air purification devices.
  • Communicate with building occupants to “increase awareness, engagement and participation”.

“The Best Practices Guide is designed to serve as a menu of improvements to choose from,” the White House says. “The guide includes quick steps that all organizations can take immediately as a starting point, as well as resources to help plan longer-term investments and improvements.”


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