Federal agencies receive guidance to help organize workers’ work


The federal government’s Personnel Office released guidelines on Tuesday outlining what agencies should do to improve work organization among federal employees, implementing the latest of several recommendations from the Biden administration’s union task force. .

The guidelines tell agencies “how to increase unions’ access and ability to communicate with federal employees”; promptly process workers’ requests to have union dues deducted from their wages; and train federal managers and supervisors on how to remain neutral when workers organize a union, according to a copy of the documents obtained by Bloomberg Law.

The new guidance from the Office of Personnel Management responds to several recommendations from the White House Labor Task Force, which was formed to explore ways to expand collective bargaining rights for workers in the public and public sectors. private.

“We believe that every federal employee should know exactly what their bargaining rights are, how to contact their union and where to find this information at all times,” OPM Director Kiran Ahuja said in a blog post on the directions.

“By removing barriers that impede the ability of unions to organize, represent employees in the bargaining unit, and inform public servants of their collective bargaining rights,” Ahuja said, “the federal government serves as a model employer for others to see how labor rights and a productive workforce go hand in hand.


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