Georgia Transit Agencies Receive Federal Grants to Fund Various Projects | Georgia


(The Center Square) — The federal government has announced additional taxes to help Georgia transit agencies fund various initiatives.

Last week, the Federal Transit Administration announced $400,000 for Chatham Area Transit and $180,000 for the Southern Georgia Regional Commission. The money is part of $16.2 million earmarked for 40 projects in 32 states and two territories under the agency’s program for areas of persistent poverty.

In a announcementFTA Administrator Nuria Fernandez said, “The FTA’s Areas of Persistent Poverty program removes barriers to opportunity by improving access to jobs, school and services for some of our residents who need it the most.”

With the money, the Savannah-based CAT plans to “investigate the potential of connecting emerging employment hubs and areas that have high levels of racial inequality or persistent poverty.” Officials say the project will also reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The South Georgia Regional Commission, a regional planning agency for 45 cities and 18 counties in South Georgia, will use its money to “develop a regional transit development plan” for transit services in multiple counties. . It will also assess a recently implemented rural/regional transit service in several counties.

Meanwhile, earlier this month, the FTA announcement $500,000 for G1VE Atlanta as part of approximately $8.4 million for 17 projects in 16 states under the agency’s innovative Coordinated Access and Mobility Pilot Program.

G1VE Atlanta plans to “develop tools to schedule rides for individuals” from several local organizations, including MARTA, the Georgia Department of Community Affairs, the Atlanta Regional Commission, and public and private mental health facilities in The Peach State.

Moreover, the FTA announcement $250,000 for the Atlanta Region Transit Link Authority and an additional $550,000 for CAT. The money is part of $25 million for 50 transit agencies in 24 states as part of the Route Planning Restoration Program.

The Atlanta-Region Transit Link Authority plans to develop a ridership return service implementation plan for its Xpress commuter bus service, focusing on increasing ridership.

CAT will use its funds for a route restoration and transit improvement study. The work will “analyze current transit needs in the service area, particularly to improve service for social housing neighborhoods and low-income minority communities.”


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