High Court upholds council’s request for extended civil restraining order


A city council successfully obtained an extended civil restraining order for up to two years.

The order – granted by HHJ Kelly, sitting as a High Court judge – bars the claimant from bringing any further claims or demands against Birmingham City Council without leave of the Court.

The council sought the order after the plaintiff filed seven claims against him over a ten-year period, which were found to be ‘totally without merit’.

Cornerstone Barristers said the court accepted the argument that the sincerity of the plaintiff’s belief in the validity of her claims increased the court’s threat of further unfounded claims.

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The court was informed that each time the court had to deal with a claimant’s unsubstantiated claim, resources were diverted from other claims that merited the court’s attention. Cornerstone said the court found it was an abuse of process that would only be limited by an ECRO.

Cornerstone Barristers’ Olivia Davies has been commissioned by Birmingham City Council.


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