Hopatcong Borough Seeks Federal Grants for Major Park Improvements


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Request for federal funding from the United States Congressional and Senate Appropriations Subcommittee

The Borough of Hopatcong respectfully requests funding to complete the following capital infrastructure improvements and renovations at the following parks and recreational facilities:

  1. Eve Wildlife Sanctuary: Updated the entrance to the park and the walking paths inside the park.
  2. Thomson Park: Renovations including the replacement of obsolete equipment and the removal of vegetation deemed invasive.
  3. Witten Park: ADA and other upgrades to accommodate lakeside recreation.
  4. Modick Park: Renovation of basketball courts and installation of equipment to accommodate elderly and disabled residents.
  5. Maxime Glen: Improvements to the fountain area and renovations to the gazebo to accommodate music concerts and other performances.
  6. Nariticong Field: Renovation of the drainage system and fences, and replacement of the country house.
  7. squire field: Drainage improvements.
  8. field of veterans: Parking improvements.
  9. Hopatcong Skate Park and Roller Hockey Rink: Renovation of the hockey rink and replacement of obsolete Skate Park equipment.
  10. Jefferson Field: Renovation of the parking area and replacement of fences.
  11. Hopatcong Elderly Center: Repair and replace pétanque courts and renovate the outdoor shelter and horseshoe courts.
  12. memorial park: improvements to the park.
  13. Development of a park by the lake facing the Styx river.

Completion of this project will make it possible to achieve one of the borough’s main priorities, which is to renovate and improve its municipal parks to improve the quality of life of its residents, as well as to increase the accessibility of parks for seniors and people with disabilities by achieving ADA compliance. .

These funds will be used to cover construction costs including: removal of rusted and old equipment from the park, installation of new equipment, repair of walking paths, repair of fences, resurfacing and repaving of parking lots and basketball courts, removal of overgrown vegetation, drainage improvements, repair of bocce courts, and upgrading of facilities, where necessary, to comply with the ADA.

With the help of its engineers and the Public Works Department, Hopatcong Borough surveyed the area and developed a preliminary cost estimate for this project. If the borough receives an award, it will begin construction immediately and anticipates it will take 24 months to complete.

These park improvements will benefit the lives of all Hopatcong Ward residents by repairing and upgrading all municipal park facilities to provide newer equipment and improved resources for the continued enjoyment of residents. This is especially a priority given that the borough has had to close two of its largest and most popular parks, Hopatcong Skate Park and Roller Hockey Rink, because they are in such disrepair that they have been deemed unsafe and unsafe to use. This has caused a lot of frustration within our community, and the borough intends to respond to this need by renovating the park and reopening it to the public.

These park improvements will also improve the health and safety of the more than 1,852 seniors and 1,479 people in Hopatcong who self-identify as having a disability and depend on services that meet ADA requirements. Specifically, the borough’s elderly population depends on the recreational features of the Hopatcong Senior Center, including bocce courts and horseshoe courts. These features, however, are extremely worn and need to be renovated to ensure the continued enjoyment of our elderly population.

This project strives to contribute to resilience to the impacts of climate change by preserving critical open spaces within the borough. The protection of these open spaces will provide the borough and the community with resources to mitigate the effects brought about by climate change, such as the increase in temperature. Therefore, it is of crucial importance to preserve the outdoor space in order to protect the community from the negative effects of climate change, as well as to help mitigate these negative effects.

The estimated cost is $1.2 million

Michael Francois

Mayor – Hopatcong Ward


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