Jen Psaki Calls Federal Subsidies Funding Crack Pipe Distribution a ‘Conspiracy Theory’


White House press secretary Jen Psaki has dismissed reports that a $30 million Biden administration grant program could be used to distribute crack pipes and other smoking paraphernalia drugs to recovering addicts as a “conspiracy theory”.

The White House had previously denied the grants were being used to fund paraphernalia included in smoking kits when the topic first came up in February.

PSAKI’s comments followed a Thursday report from the Free Washington Beacon that five East Coast medical clinics visited by staff were distributing pipes and accessories in safe smoking kits without offering other rehabilitation programs or services.

“This policy does not allow the inclusion of crack pipes. I would just like to note that this is somewhat of a conspiracy theory that has spread there. This is not accurate” , Psaki told reporters at Thursday’s White House press conference. “There are significant addiction treatment programs for people who have suffered from what we have seen as an epidemic across the country, and the money is not being used for crack pipes.”

None of the clinics visited by the Free tag answered questions about whether or not they had applied for the Biden administration’s grant program. The first installment of funding will be disbursed later in May.


You can watch Thursday’s briefing in full below.


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