Kathy Castor highlights billions in federal grants given to Tampa Bay in 2021


As 2021 drew to a close, U.S. Rep. Catherine Beaver released a breakdown of emergency federal investments and assistance provided to the Tampa Bay community over the past year, which has been marked by economic hardship and high-budget federal programs.

The County-based district of Castor’s Hillsborough received $2.9 billion in emergency COVID-19 grants to support local small businesses and nonprofits, including $2.7 billion in protection loans paychecks, $74.6 million in grants from the Restaurant Revitalization Fund and $46.8 million in grants for closed-site operators.

“These federal dollars have done exactly what we intended when developing these congressional aid packages – they helped our local businesses, the heart of our community, keep the lights on and the employees paid over the years. two years and will continue to help them. to bounce back in the days ahead,” Castor said in a statement.

Florida’s 14th congressional district also secured a record $1.9 billion from 779 federal grants to create jobs and invest in education and infrastructure. These awards include an $18 million grant to rebuild America’s infrastructure with sustainability and equity for Tampa Heights. It also includes a $1.7 million U.S. Bailout Capital Improvement Award for Tampa Family Health Centers and an additional $6.1 million Head Start Emergency Grant for Lutheran Services Florida. .

“The $1.9 billion in federal grants serve as a lifeline for our hospitals, small businesses, schools, tenants and more as they navigate the ongoing challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic,” Castor said. “Through federal bailout grants, we’ve made it safe for kids to learn, met the urgent needs of our Tampa healthcare heroes, allocated funds to connect Tampa and make our roads safer, and even more. I will continue to advocate for our local partners to ensure that I continue to work for federal grants that ensure the health, well-being, and economic success of our neighbors and the greater Tampa Bay community.

The U.S. bailout also provided $206 million in tax cuts for most families with children through the new, expanded Child Tax Credit, which has helped 86,000 Tampa-area families.

“These payments have been lifelines for families in our community, providing food, diapers, clothing and other essentials when they need them most,” Castor said. “In 2022, I will continue to work with our incredible local and federal partners to ensure that all of our neighbors have the tools they need to succeed.”

Another record $3.4 million was recovered to help DC 14 veterans, seniors, small businesses and families.

“The millions of dollars returned to our neighbors in our Tampa-area district is a testament to the dedication and level of expertise with which the Castor team tackles complex cases daily to ensure veterans receive the benefits they have earned and to ensure that Social Security and Medicare are delivered on time to our older neighbors,” Castor said. “Families in Tampa are facing unique and pressing issues due to the coronavirus, and my team’s top priority remains serving our neighbors with respect and care.”

In a press release detailing his district’s federal assistance, Castor applauded his Tampa Voter Services team, led by tery sanchez since 2002 when Castor was Hillsborough County Commissioner.

“Team Castor has worked tirelessly to reduce red tape and bureaucracy on behalf of Tampa-area families, veterans and neighbors to an all-time high in 2021,” Castor said.

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