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Lyon College received $600,000 in federal grants to expand opportunities both on and around campus.

In a news release, the college said it received a $300,000 grant from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) to provide distance education and telehealth technology (DLT) on campus.

The college will also work with strategic partners in communities surrounding Batesville to establish a distance learning network. This network will include secondary schools, community colleges and health care providers; it will facilitate the provision of academic content, lesson sharing, in-service professional development for teachers, and healthcare support for a large area of ​​eastern and north-central Arkansas.

Vice President for Advancement David Hutchison said these were very competitive grants. Successful grant recipients must make a compelling case for the need for expanded access to education and health care in their region, he said, and demonstrate that there is a coalition of partners. ready to support the initiative.

“Our selection speaks to our commitment to North Central Arkansas,” Hutchison said, “and our mission to play a role in creating these kinds of opportunities in a diverse set of communities across the region. We are extremely grateful to our many partners who will support us in this work.

Partners in this DLT project include the University of Arkansas Center for Medical Sciences and White River Medical Center, which will provide health education and substance abuse prevention support to middle school, local high schools and community members. Natural State Recovery Center will provide evidence-based addiction services.

Other participating locations will receive integrated remote learning classrooms to accommodate in-person and distance learning classes. These locations will be equipped with video conferencing solutions for remote rural classrooms.

The college also received a $300,000 grant from the Department of Justice (DoJ) under the Violence Against Women Act. Lyon will use this funding to expand personal safety, agency and advocacy education and awareness, including supporting its ongoing Title IX efforts and working with a specialist to create programs for the campus community. This grant will also allow Lyon to fund additional campus security cameras, other equipment and programming for the next three years.

“One of Lyon College’s primary goals is to provide a safe and secure environment in which all members of our community can learn, grow and support each other,” said Acting President Melissa Taverner.

The Department of Justice grant will help the college educate students about interpersonal violence and explore how everyone can stand up for themselves and others as they “work to eliminate these kinds of threats,” Taverner said.

“One of my goals is to go beyond creating a sense of safety and creating a culture of safety,” said acting vice president of student life and dean of students Danell. Hetrick, “every member of our community doing their part to educate each other, advocate for each other, and prioritize the safety of every individual within our community.

“Grant funding from the Department of Justice is a huge step toward developing this culture,” Hetrick said.

File image via Lyon College

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