Manassas bio-research provider wins $5.5 million in federal grants


ATCC will use DTRA grants to research virus treatments


February 17, 2022


Catherine Schulte

Photo courtesy ATCC

American Type Culture Collection (ATCC), a Manassas-based nonprofit biological materials management organization, announced Tuesday that it has won three Defense Threat Reduction Agency grants valued at more than $5.5 million to identify new therapeutic approaches against viruses.

“ATCC is committed to supporting this global health initiative by providing the new scientific research and development solutions needed to address these high morbidity and mortality infectious diseases,” said the President and CEO of the ATCC. ATCC, Dr. Raymond H. Cypess, in a statement. “Through our new partnership with DTRA, we now have the opportunity to focus on developing new machine learning and artificial intelligence models for identifying countermeasures that could lead to better vaccine and therapeutic solutions. , necessary to save lives.”

ATCC will work to define new therapeutic targets, evaluate novel and/or Food and Drug Administration-approved candidates for antiviral and anti-inflammatory activities, and define biomarkers associated with infections. The information obtained will be used to develop AI models of disease and therapeutic efficacy.

Promising therapies will be tested with organoid (organ-on-a-chip) models and could be a step in the one-drug-many-microbe approach to antiviral product development.

Aarthi Narayanan, director of translational research and technology transfer at ATCC, will lead the research.

ATCC develops and delivers authenticated cell lines and microorganisms, advanced model systems, and custom solutions, supporting basic science research, drug discovery, translational medicine, and public health.


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