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The Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office has suggested that state or federal officials accept a lawsuit filed nearly a year ago alleging that 10 Wisconsin Republicans committed fraud by signing documents that look like campaign to hand over the state’s Electoral College votes to former President Donald Trump.

Assistant District Attorney Matthew Westphal sent a letter Wednesday to Jeffrey Mandell, an attorney with the liberal law firm Law Forward who filed the complaint, suggesting that the state or federal Department of Justice would be best placed to determine what action, if any, should be taken. on this point.

“This office has already consulted with the Wisconsin DOJ to discuss these matters,” Westphal wrote in the letter. “The Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office will be available to provide any assistance needed whenever possible.”

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The lawsuit was filed early last year after 10 Republicans gathered at the state Capitol on Dec. 14, 2020, to sign official-looking documents claiming Trump had won the state. On the same day, Wisconsin’s Democratic voters list also gathered in the building to deliver the state’s 10 electoral votes to President-elect Joe Biden.

The Republicans’ meeting came an hour after the Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled Biden had won the election and a month after Wisconsin county clerks reviewed the presidential election results. A recount and court rulings claimed Biden beat Trump in Wisconsin by nearly 21,000 votes.

“I understand the letter indicates that the district attorney’s office has conducted a legal analysis and believes that there are significant issues here and possible violations of the law,” Mandell said Thursday.

An envelope used by Republicans to send the documents to the Archivist of the United States provided by Mandell shows that it was sent on December 16, 2020, two days after the Republicans met, as well as two days after the Supreme Court ruled that Biden had won the November election. The return address on the envelope reads “President of the Electoral College of Wisconsin.”

A question of competence

Westphal noted in the letter that a statewide agency would be better placed to deal with the matter, since all 10 Republicans listed reside in Wisconsin. Westphal also noted that Mandell’s allegations are comparable to those made in six other states where Republicans have signed similar documents alleging Trump won the 2020 election.

“The behaviors you describe are matters affecting the interests of the state and the country,” Westphal wrote.

Mandell also noted that he thinks the Dane County prosecutor’s office may have some level of jurisdiction over the matter, as the Republicans’ meeting was held at the Capitol in Madison.

Wisconsin Elections Commission pushes back on ‘senseless’ GOP data request

The letter, first reported by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, could take the case to Democratic Attorney General Josh Kaul, who has not ruled out the possibility that he will look into the complaint.

Michigan’s attorney general last week asked federal prosecutors to open a criminal investigation into 16 Republicans who submitted false certificates showing they were the state’s presidential voters despite Biden’s 2020 victory.

“I believe it is essential that the federal government fully investigate and prosecute any unlawful action in pursuit of any seditious conspiracy,” Kaul said last week. Kaul’s office reiterated its statement when asked Thursday if it plans to take on Mandell’s complaint.

Several agencies, including Wisconsin’s bipartisan Election Commission and the Office of Lawyer Regulation, the agency that handles complaints against attorneys, have yet to rule on the complaints, which were filed nearly a year ago. year.

Wisconsin Republican Party Chairman Paul Farrow on Monday described the allegations as “a frivolous complaint that doesn’t deserve the time of day.”

Signed documents

The liberal watchdog group American Oversight obtained official-looking certificates last March submitted by Republicans claiming to be voters in Wisconsin and six other states: Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, New Mexico and Pennsylvania. Republicans in New Mexico and Pennsylvania added a caveat that this was done in case they were later recognized as duly elected and qualified voters.

Additionally, Politico reported earlier this month that the US House Committee investigating the attempted insurrection at the US Capitol on January 6, 2021, is also investigating documents submitted by Republican voters in several states. . The implication is that Republicans were trying to present Vice President Mike Pence with conflicting voter lists so he could pitch the election to a House vote that would hand the election to Trump, which Pence refused. to do.

In Wisconsin, Republicans who signed the documents include former state Republican Party chairman Andrew Hitt; Robert Spindell, a Republican who serves on the state Elections Commission; Kelly Ruh, GOP chairwoman for the 8th congressional district; Carol Brunner, GOP Vice Chair for the 1st Congressional District; Dane County Republican Party Chairman Scott Grabins; La Crosse County Republican Party Chairman Bill Feehan; Kathy Kiernan, GOP Chair of the 5th Congressional District; Darryl Carlson, GOP Chairman of the 6th Congressional District; Pam Travis, GOP Vice Chair for the 1st Congressional District; and Mary Buestrin, Vice President of the Midwest Region for the Republican National Convention.

The state has multiple, overlapping safeguards aimed at preventing ineligible voters from voting, tampering with ballots, or altering vote totals.

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