Newspaper urges Biden administration to specify no federal crack pipe subsidies for minority communities


“Grant applicants are prioritized if they address a majority of ‘underserved communities,’ including African Americans and ‘LGBTQ+’ people.”

Those were the terms of the “safe smoking kits” that taxpayers are paying for minorities under the Biden administration’s equity plan.

While in the middle of Black History Month, the Biden administration launched a grant program for “safe smoking” kits for the poor. Then, after the Free Washington Beacon reported that the $30 million that would be available for crack pipes the Biden administration had to backtrack.

The Department of Health and Human Services has since stipulated that federal funding would not be used for pipes in “safe smoking kits,” under a harm reduction grant program. substance addiction.

But Snopes, a liberal fact-checking site, had previously said the claim was “mostly untrue”. Even Snopes had to admit that was wrong.

“This newly stipulated detail was not originally available, meaning claims made in a first wave of coverage had become stale,” Snopes said in his follow-up explanation.

“This [Snopes] The article was updated after the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services stipulated that federal funding would not be used to include pipes in safe smoking kits to be distributed under a program of reducing the harms of substance abuse. As a result of this newly stipulated detail, Snopes changed its rating from ‘Mostly False’ to ‘Outdated’,” Snopes wrote.

Of course, Snopes didn’t admit that he blew the fact check on the crack pipe. It was just giving the Biden administration the benefit of the doubt in its initial rating of “mostly wrong.”

But the claim by the Free Washington Beacon was anything but “mostly wrong”. It was the newspaper identifying the problem that forced the Biden administration to change the terms of the grants, but not before many liberals on Twitter championed the crack pipe distribution plan as a smart way to help drug addicts, a plan that would have had proven results around the world.

Read the fact-checking throwback at snopes.

the Free tag the story is at this link.

The initial conditions of the grant are to this link.

HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra released a statement Thursday with Office of National Drug Control Policy Director Dr. Rahul Gupta:

“HHS and ONDCP are focused on using our resources intelligently to reduce harm and save lives. Accordingly, no federal funding will be used directly or through subsequent reimbursement to recipients to put pipes into safe smoking kits. The goal of harm reduction is to save lives. The administration is focused on a comprehensive strategy to stop the spread of drugs and curb addiction, including prioritizing the use of proven harm reduction strategies like providing naloxone, fentanyl test strips and clean needles, as well as taking decisive action to prosecute violent criminals. who traffic illicit drugs like fentanyl across our borders and into our communities. We will continue to work to fight the epidemic of addiction and overdose and ensure that our resources are used in the smartest and most efficient way.


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