Olympia plans to apply for federal grants to pay for water and wastewater projects


By Lorilyn C. Lirio

Olympia plans to apply for federal Building Resilient Infrastructure and Communities (BRIC) grants to fund the city’s utility projects.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) administers the BRIC Grant Program, which aims to support states, local communities, tribes, and territories in implementing risk mitigation projects.

At the Utilities Advisory Committee meeting yesterday, Supervisor of Engineering and Planning, Susan Clark, updated members on capital plan projects covering six-year projects for Utilities. rainwater, sewage and drinking water.

Clark said they are also considering other federal and state grants, fund reserves and long-term debt for the projects.

She said they created utility plans based on hydraulic model capabilities, routine maintenance and inspections. “We perform inspections using CCTV technology to visually see problems in our piping systems.”

Some utility projects include:

Wastewater Utility Programs

  • Cured-in-place-pipe (CIPP project for the rehabilitation of pipes or pipe sections. Design in 2023 for construction in 2024
  • Construction of the Miller and Central project will be fully replaced in 2022
  • Miller and Ann lifting station: design in 2023 for construction in 2025. Anticipate debt financing
  • Rossmoor lifting station: design in 2026 for construction in 2027
  • Vieux-Port 2 lifting station: start of design in 2028
  • Pre-design and planning for the replacement of the sewer over the Percival Creek Bridge with a new sewer under the creek
  • Pipe Capacity Improvements
  • Onsite Wastewater Conversion – Central Street, Chambers Creek, South Bay Road

Stormwater Utility Programs

  • Aquatic habitat improvements
  • Pre-design and planning
  • Water quality improvements
  • Flood Mitigation

Drinking Water Utility Programs

  • Source Projects – Briggs Well Development (2023/2024)
  • Storage Projects – Boulevard Road Reservoirs (2022/2023), Elliot Reservoir (2023), Eastside Tank (2026)
  • Distribution system projects
    • Primary Fones Road Replacements (2023/2024)
    • Main Eastside/Henderson Street Extension (2024/2025)
    • Transportation system projects – installation of seismic valves

Security projects – installation of a fire extinguishing system at Allison/Shana Park (2023); annual security and remote system program

“The three utilities are implementing an asset management program that reviews the condition and age of our infrastructure to help make decisions,” she said.


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