Pate, state and federal agencies reassure primary voters about Iowa’s electoral integrity


JOHNSTON, Iowa – Iowa Secretary of State Paul Pate joined leaders of state and federal agencies on Monday to update Iowans on the many measures in place to ensure a safe, smooth and accurate primary election on 7 June. The state of Iowa has received national awards for its election cybersecurity efforts and was recently named the third best state in the nation for election administration.

“Here is our message to Iowans: We are committed to protecting the integrity of our elections and the sanctity of your vote,” Pate said. “Iowans vote on paper ballots. You cannot hack a paper ballot, and we have integrity measures such as voter identification, post-election audits, and bipartisan teams of election officials built into the system to ensure the process is fair. .

Senior Election Security Officer for the US Cyber ​​and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), Kim Wyman, traveled to Iowa to join Pate at a press conference Monday at the forces headquarters Joints of the Iowa National Guard.

“Election officials and CISA staff have worked for years here in Iowa to ensure the safety and resilience of the 2022 election,” Wyman said. “Fair and free elections are a hallmark of American democracy. The confidence of the American people that their vote will be counted as cast is highly dependent on the security and resilience of the infrastructure that makes national elections possible. Accordingly, a secure and resilient electoral process is a vital national interest and one of CISA’s highest priorities.

Pate called the group of agency executives assembled at Monday’s press conference his “Election Security Team A.”


“To support this year’s election, the Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) has relaunched the Cyber ​​Security Operations Center to provide round-the-clock cyber threat monitoring and increased support during this year’s election,” said Shane Dwyer, Chief Information Security Officer. OCIO agent.

Protecting the integrity of Iowa’s elections also means ensuring the safety of voters and election officials.

“The Iowa Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management is proud to support Iowa’s election security efforts,” said department director John Benson. “We want to make sure that every voter in Iowa has the opportunity to vote freely, safely, and securely.”

Secretary Pate and other speakers also urged Iowans to beware of election misinformation and disinformation.

“Voting is one of our most sacred civic responsibilities, and the Department of Public Safety will do everything in its power to ensure that all Iowans can fulfill this responsibility by safely and with confidence,” said Stephan Bayens, commissioner of the Iowa Department of Public Safety. “We continuously monitor and assess digital and physical threats designed to undermine public confidence in our electoral process. We also seek to educate Iowans about ways to avoid falling prey to those who seek to sow confusion and mistrust.

Gen. Shawn Ford of the Iowa National Guard was also present for Monday’s press conference.

Polls will be open across Iowa from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. Tuesday for the June primary election. Voters should visit or their county auditor’s website to find their polling location and other election-related information.


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