Performing the Federal Incorporation Process – Solomon Star News


The government will momentarily discuss transitions to the new federal system of governance within the “framework of our national unity.”

Prime Minister Hon. Manasseh Sogavare told parliament when presenting the Sine Dine motion this week.

The Prime Minister remarked that the process towards meaningful decentralization and its realization is now.

“As a responsible government, we must lay the Federal Constitution on the floor of Parliament. In this process, the collective participation of our people in the governance of their affairs must be ensured,” Prime Minister Sogavare stressed.

He said the government will provide the framework of our national unity for the decentralization of power.

He further stressed that collective participatory dialogue must be the vehicle on which decisions are made, as enshrined in the Constitution within the “framework of our national unity”.

“We need to align with our legal structures and then dialogue – we need to strengthen the dialogue process as the way forward.

The national government has always been and always will be open to appropriate dialogue on national issues agreed to/by the leadership of that nation. »

Prime Minister Sogavare also encouraged all MPs to equip themselves with the necessary knowledge of the Federal Constitution to be able to deliberate constructively on its further implications on national unity and common goals.

– Prime Minister’s Press Secretariat


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