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The Port Authority included the island’s maritime industry in developing the strategic plan it prepared for submitting applications.

The Port Authority of Puerto Rico has submitted a second application for federal funds, this time for $70 million, under the US Department of Transportation’s Maritime Administration, known as MARAD.

The federal agency manages the Port Infrastructure Development Program (PIDP), through which Puerto Rico seeks funding for the reconstruction of Pier C, the fire suppression system, and for a power generation system and of alternative fuel for the port of San Juan, in Puerto Nuevo and Isla Grande.

Ports Executive Director Joel A. Pizá said he seeks “to take advantage of every opportunity to compete for federal grants that make project development viable,” as MARAD announces their availability, he has requested funds for improvements to loading docks in Puerto Nuevo, as well as additional improvements to harbor front facilities.

The PIDP is the second program, out of a total of six, that MARAD is making available, he said.

The Port Authority included the island’s shipping industry in the development of the strategic plan it prepared to submit applications for federal grants in the short term and during the five-year implementation of funding under the act. on Investment in Infrastructure and Jobs (IIJA), which provides for the allocation of 17 billion dollars for port infrastructure.

Several meetings have been held with the maritime industry, including an outreach event, to inform and encourage them to participate in processes related to MARAD fund applications, Pizá said.

Participating companies include Tote Maritime, Luis Ayala Colón and Sucrs., Crowley and Trailer Bridge.

“The micro-grid project is crucial to be able to improve the operation of freight terminals and plays a very important role, not only in optimizing energy production, but also in achieving a more resilient and sustainable future on the island,” Puerto Rico said. President of the Clarivette Díaz Shipowners Association.

As part of the application process, companies that participate will do so with matching funds, increasing the chances that the project may be chosen by federal agencies, Pizá said.

The Port of San Juan plays an important role in the economic competitiveness of the United States, as international carriers serve the port along the Caribbean and Latin American routes. It plays a vital role in supplying food, fuel, and manufactured goods to the people of Puerto Rico.

According to the American Society of Civil Engineers, 80% of the food and fuel providing 98% of the island’s electricity comes from outside sources. Much of that and other important cargo passes through the Port of San Juan, agency officials said.

The Port of San Juan received 2.98 million tons of oil, 2.62 million tons of food, and 2.04 million tons of manufactured goods in 2019.

This story was written by our staff based on a press release.


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