Sinema & Kelly: Pima County, Casa Grande, and Glendale Receive Federal Grants to Hire More Law Enforcement

WASHINGTON – Arizona Senators Kyrsten Sinema and Mark Kelly announced that the US Department of Justice (DOJ) has reward Pima County, Casa Grande and Glendale Law Enforcement Agencies a total of $3,375,000 to hire additional full-time law enforcement professionals funded through the DOJ Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS).

Pima County received $1,750,000 to hire 14 law enforcement professionals, Casa Grande received $1,250,000 to hire 10, and Glendale received $375,000 to hire three.

“Arizona law enforcement officers bravely risk their lives every day to keep us safe. Today’s grants will expand the hiring and rehiring of police officers in Pima County, Casa Grande and Glendale, helping to keep our communities safe,” Sinema said.

“As the son of two police officers, I know how critical it is for law enforcement to have the resources they need to keep our families and communities safe. The funding we secured will allow cities in Arizona to hire and train more police officers without straining local budgets. I will continue to urge leaders on both sides to ensure our law enforcement agencies have the funds and personnel they need to do their jobs safely and effectively,” Kelly said.

“We commend Senators Sinema and Kelly for helping us secure this important $1.75 million COPS grant that will allow the county to hire 14 additional sheriff’s deputies. Simply put, we need more MPs on the beat and this essential grant is helping us do just that. Senators Sinema and Kelly continue to be tireless supporters and defenders of the county and we are grateful for their leadership in making our county the safest and best place to live in Arizona,” said Sharon Bronson, President of the Pima County Board of Supervisors.

“The City of Casa Grande is committed to advancing high-level public safety for our residents through effective community policing throughout the city,” said Casa Grande Mayor Craig McFarland. “The COPS Hiring Program award will help fund critical efforts to recruit and retain more officers to further improve crime prevention in the neighborhood.”

“This COPS Hiring Program award will continue to ensure Glendale residents and our neighbors receive essential public safety services through improved hiring practices and equipment upgrades,” said Glendale Mayor Jerry Weiers. “The City of Glendale greatly appreciates our two Arizona Senators who value and support our law enforcement community.”

The COPS Hiring Program is a competitive rewards program designed to reduce crime and advance public safety through community policing. These funds from the COPS Hiring Program will go directly to law enforcement agencies to hire or rehire additional officers and career assistants to enhance their community policing capacity and crime prevention efforts.


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