Steel’s bill prevents federal agencies and contractors from using China’s data platform


The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) would be barred from interfering in the United States’ supply chain under legislation sponsored on July 19 by U.S. Representative Michelle Steel (R-CA).

“We cannot trust the Chinese Communist Party, which routinely violates international human rights, intellectual property and environmental standards,” Rep. Steel said. “Our supply chains are already strained, and we cannot risk the CCP stealing logistical information that could have massive implications for private businesses and our national security.”

HR 8431 would block federal agencies and contractors from using China-based LOGINK, a logistics and shipping data platform that collects information from users at ports around the world, according to a summary of the invoice provided by the staff of Rep. Steel, who notes that LOGINK collects real-time updates from its users that others on the platform can view and share.

“The passage of the NDAA with my amendment to prevent the CCP from disrupting the integrity of the navigation of our military was an important step in combating their growing hostility towards free and sovereign nations around the world,” said Representative Steel, referring to the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal. Year 2023, HR 7900, which the United States House of Representatives approved on July 14.

The broader legislative package is being reconciled with the US Senate, which passed its own version of the annual defense package earlier this year.

“Now we have to pass this legislation [H.R. 8431] and bring the same level of security to the entire federal government,” added the MP.

The bill proposed by Rep. Steel was referred for consideration by the US House Oversight and Reform Committee.


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