Three companies from a single entrepreneurial company receive federal grants


The federal government simultaneously awarded grants to three start-up companies that are subsidiaries of a single publicly traded company.

PPK Group today announced that three of its subsidiaries have been awarded grants under the government’s Trailblazer University program under the Renewable Energy Commercialization Center (REACH) at Deakin University Geelong:

    1. Lithium-sulfur battery technology company Li-S will receive up to $5 million in co-investment from Canberra over the next four years to accelerate R&D
    2. Boron Nitride Nanotube Maker BNNT to Receive Up to $1 Million in Co-Investment to Further Expand Manufacturing Capabilities
    3. And clear graphene producer White Graphene will receive up to $500,000 in co-investment to scale up production of boron nitride nanosheets.

PPK Group is the technology innovator led by mining equipment entrepreneur Robin Levison.

PPK left its traditional mining equipment manufacturing business to enter into a series of joint ventures with Deakin and his Institute for Frontier Materials.

The company’s core technology is to produce boron nitride nanotubes which, although similar in concept to carbon fiber nanotubes, have different properties.

The company was valued by the stock market this morning at $261 million, as its shares fell from a 52-week high of $21.95 to $2.86 today.

The shares of the 50% owned subsidiary Li-S were valued separately at $355 million.

Image: PPK Group/White Graphene

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