WA Marine Patrols Benefit from Federal Grants


OLYMPIA, WA — Maritime law enforcement agencies in five counties will receive more than half a million dollars in federally funded grants to help each replace their primary patrol vessels, officials from the Navy announced Thursday. the state.

The Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission awarded the grants after a competitive process and noted that each of the selected counties is home to some of the region’s most popular waterways, which attract thousands of boaters every day in the summer.

Grants are dependent on agencies covering a quarter of the cost of the ship, which varies according to each agency’s unique needs.

“Different counties face their own unique waterway patrol challenges that this grant will help solve,” state park officials wrote Thursday. “In Clallam County, several lakes were not patrolled because their boat was unable to patrol them due to age. Franklin County has shallow waterways, which require a vessel to shallow hull to traverse in. Funding from this grant enables these counties to purchase vessels to meet their specific needs and expand security patrols to ensure adequate coverage across the jurisdiction.”

Parks officials said replacing the lead vessel in each of the counties will improve capacity and help ensure marine units maintain safe waters for decades to come. Each boat covered by the grants has an estimated lifespan of 30 to 40 years, even with frequent use.

Here’s where the grant money goes:

  • Clallam County – $125,326
  • Franklin County – $36,552
  • King County – $150,000
  • Kittitas County – $92,169
  • San Juan County – $150,000

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